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My goal as a visual arts teacher is to open up my students’ minds to the realms of possibilities within their own potential and to develop one of their greatest natural resources- their creativity. I urge my students to work hard and encourage them to develop creations that are close to the heart, for the essence of deep caring is critical to one’s journey in art. 
I have experienced and believe in the truth of art as an international language capable of crossing cultural boundaries. 

The words “should” and “should not” are not used when I am teaching, especially when working with children. My aim is to cultivate and nurture the greatness that is already inherent within. When children begin to sense their own potential greatness, when their imaginations are ignited, amazing things happen, incredible creations develop. The natural benefits of the creative process are boosts in self- esteem, strengthening confidence, agility and a can do attitude. 

The list of mentors that have guided me in working with children is long, but I must mention that Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Albert Cullum, Roald Dahl, Rachel Carson and the Children themselves direct me in setting the tone for art class. I am grateful on a daily basis to have work that is dear to me and that is engaging, challenging, rewarding and satisfying all at once. 

“Mrs. D”, as I am known is a strong believer in small class size, mentoring, and the importance of reconnecting children with the wonder and awe of nature. In a world where technology and television have usurped much of our children’s time, I believe we need to bring the children home to the wonder that exists within their own minds and in their own backyards.

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