We offer small class size, individual attention, time to create and explore visually with emphasis on creative expression through a variety of mediums and techniques.


We create portrait busts, watercolor paintings, murals and mosaics. Our projects include unique bronze and hydro-stone sculptures, leather, bronze, ceramic and plaster reliefs.


Consultations for college portfolio development. Private lessons for adult individuals or groups tailored to fit your artistic goals. Lessons are available at the ArtFigures Studio or on site. 


If I had been born a scientist, I would be busy contemplating the why of life in a scientific way. But fate has given me art, and in the tradition of my mother, grandmother and grandfather before me, I respond to the mystery rather than the why of life. In my work, I try to catch a glimpse of the mystery that is within us and everything around us. Children, culture, dance, mythology, the human spirit and the quiet heroic souls of everyday life—these are my inspirations. I use the figure as the vehicle to explore their human visual manifestations. The process involves a constantly evolving search to learn, grow, exchange, feel and create. May the work tell a story of an adventure, a feeling, a dream or a journey. Interpret and enjoy!

Janie Darovskikh 

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